Commission Hero Review

The Commission Hero is a well-known successful online program to make more money through affiliate marketing. This Commission Hero Review is written after testing the course modules and strategies. 

Financial Independence, this is most people’s dream. And the young generation nowadays is passionately working to retire earlier, to roam around the world and flaunt with the pictures in the Social Media. Luckily, the possibilities are higher to earn more and attain the Financial Independence, All they need is some extra time, and effort every day with a perfect mentor to make money online.

Course Title

Commission Hero


Robby Blanchard

Course Content

Unique Affiliate Marketing Training

Course Duration

Not yet announced

Official Launch Date

30, March 2020

Course Fee

$997 (Check Discounts Here)

Payment Methods

PayPal, Bank Transfer


Basic Computer skills, Good Internet connection

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About Bobby Blanchard

The creator of the Commission Hero program is Robby Blanchard. Robby Blanchard has gained the title #1 Affiliate marketer in the ClickBank. He is an excellent and renowned Facebook marketer. The tag line of the Commission Hero program saying that the program helps to make $1000 a day seems to be skeptic, right? But when we come to know how much Robby Blanchard makes a day through the ClickBank, we start trusting him.

He makes $30,000 per day, and sometimes even more. He was the most struggling digital marketer in the beginning. Through the sincere and constant efforts, he figured out the ways to achieve on how to make the most out of ClickBank and Affiliate marketing. While looking at his ClickBank account section, we can understand one thing. For a person who makes $30,000 per day, giving suggestions to others to make $1000 per day is just like icing on the cake.

What is inside Commission Hero?

  • The course is divided into 9 divisions starting from the basic to advanced level marketing techniques.
  • The first section is Getting Started. In which, the basics of the Affiliate marketing and the tools required for successful traffic creation is explained. The importance of tools like ClickFunnel, ClickBank, MaxWeb, and creating Ad accounts are explained.
  • Using the Affiliate Network like ClickBank, MaxWeb, and A4D, how to choose the offer that impresses the audience on the first look. Choosing the product based on the sale metrics and commission percentage.
  • The Affiliate Network has the images collected from the product vendors, yet the affiliate marketer has to be careful while choosing the image. Robby explains what the image should contain and how to use Fiverr.
  • The next session was on the Landing page. A landing page is nothing but the page where the ads are displayed. To set the landing page to be most reachable to the viewers, comes the necessity of tools. Registering for ClickFunnels, Getting an Affiliate link from the Affiliate Network, buying a suitable Domain name matching the niche, Setting up the PHP Landing page.
  • Teaches on how to set up the Facebook Business messenger. The FB Business manager helps to manage the businesses to manage their company pages, catalogs, and ads.
  • The fan page is an area where the companies, businesses, represent themselves to build an image. Teaches on how to set up the Facebook Fan page.
  • Procedures to set up a Facebook Campaign. The Facebook campaign has ads and Ad sets to target the audience based on gender, age, locality, schedule, budget, bidding, and so on.
  • Then, setting up the ads on Facebook.
  • Custom audience creation.
  • As a bonus, Robby let the signed-up people watch inside the successful Facebook Campaign page.
  • How to Install FB Pixel. Facebook Pixel helps to measure the success of the Ad campaigns. It makes notes on the people who have gone through the ad, helps to target and remarket them, optimize the ad, and build the list of a targeted audience.
  • To place the FB Pixel in Your ClickBank Acct.
  • Explains details about Pixel Analytics.
  • How to Install Tracking Links?
  • Tracking spreadsheets to map the reach of the campaign for future reference.
  • Scaling Your Campaigns. Explains how to expand your Campaigns to reach a more targeted audience.
  • Reaching Out to Other Affiliates and trying to copy their successful techniques
  • Spying on Facebook Ads of the competitor and try to outsmart them to reach more audiences.
  • Teaches on how to deal with Account Shutdowns

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Kibo Code Student Reviews

Several students around several countries got benefitting from the Commission Hero program. As I have gone through the Commission Hero course, I attempted to collect some reviews through reliable persons before enrolling in the program. All student reviews are positive.

Commission Hero Student Tesimonials


The Commission Hero is not a program by a budding marketer; it is from Robby Blanchard who is a number #1 affiliate in the ClickBank Network. Every piece of information he shares worth the penny spent. People do hesitate on checking the price tag of the course, at the same time, the return of the money that you spent on the course can be expected in as short as a week.

There is no hype from Robby Blanchard, which creates another curiosity about the program. On checking the depth of the course that was handled by Robby, every budding Affiliate marketer saves a lot from making mistakes and losing money by following the wrong methods.

People feel skeptical about the program because there is no detail about, how much Robby spent’s on the tools to make $30000 per month. Yet, Robby completely gained my trust because am making progress in gaining more money than before. The Facebook hacks that I learned from the Robby is worth the money. In the Facebook group, I see several people’s post on achieving 3 to 4 digit numbers every day.

On checking the budding affiliate marketer’s progress in the group, as a person who went through the complete training, and benefited from the Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard, this Commission Hero review confirms that the program is legit and not a scam. Several Commission Hero reviews oppose mine to promote some other Affiliate marketing mentors. I recommend Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero to the people whoever wants to achieve in making a large sum through affiliate marketing.

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